Attended Transfer / Blind Transfer
Add that personal touch and stay with your customers to complete a call transfer with our attended transfer feature.

Perhaps your company has a high needs customer, or you and your company simply want to maintain that high level of service. With the Attended Transfer Feature you can stay connected until the call is connected to the desired party. If that party doesn't answer the caller can be transferred to another party, put on hold, or parked until the call is retrieved. While the customer is on hold, they will hear the on hold music or the message until the call is answered again.

This transfer feature can be used whether you took the call on an internal office phone, outside cell phone, offsite landline, or any numberin your extension's follow me ring sequence. If the call was accepted on an Polycom or Yeolink phone simply press the transfer button (supervised or unsupervised), enter the destination extension or destination number, and press (#)to complete the process. If the call is accepted on an non office phone (cell phone, home phone, etc.),simply press ## to put the caller on hold and enter the appropriate extension or telephone number and press (#) to complete the transfer process.