Virtual Receptionist
(also called call attendant or auto attendant)
Increase Live Attendant Efficiency or Eliminate it Altogether

A Virtual Receptionist (also called auto attendant or call attendant) is a feature that prompts callers to select from a phone menu. The automated recordings play as soon as a caller dials into a company number, and informs the caller which number to press to reach the desired extension or department. Callers are able to get connected to employees with choices like:

Dial by Extension
Dial by Name Directory
Dial by Department
Connect to a Live Attendant

Greetings and schedules for business hours, after hours, holidays are recorded over the phone or uploaded via the Greetings Manager in the Control Panel. Customize your Auto Attendant to the specific needs of your business by utilizing Ring Groups, Call Queues, Voicemail to Email, and even additional Auto Attendants.

Administrators can configure the hours at which certain Virtual Receptionists are active, and the extensions that different menu choices reach. Most medium to large businesses have a Virtual Receptionist in place when a customer calls their main company number. This gives callers an option to enter an extension for a person or department and connect more directly. This improved efficiency will lower live attendant cost.

The use of an Auto Attendant will improve employee efficiency, and allow customers to get to the right department or extension more directly and easily. Many times callers are trying to find out store hours, get directions, or obtain general information that doesn't require speaking to an employee. Many businesses have set up Virtual Receptionists to answer the most common questions, streamlining their business and allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

If your company has multiple locations with live call attendants in each location, our hosted PBX will allow you to reduce those employee cost as much as 20%-40%, by utilizing our virtualized call distribution system.