eCall Control is backed by 25 years of experience in developing telecommunications and call recording technology. Our system has been the PBX solution solutions for thousands of users at Fortune 500 companies and major franchise systems.We currently service provide solutions for some of the largest franchise systems in the world. Now we're making those same solutions - and that same expertise - available to small businesses that want the features and functionality of a PBX system without the exasperation and the expense. We have our own system.  If you need something special, we know how to get it done. So if your business is ready to reach for the next level and begin communicating more powerfully, find out how E Call Control solutions can help get you take sales to the next level.

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eCallControl Builds a Competitive Edge for Auto Dealerships

Effective voice communications are critical in auto dealerships. eCallControl
supports every phase of selling cars, surpassing the capabilities of traditional PBXs.
As dealerships sell a wider number of makes and work through a growing number
of locations, operations will only become more complex to manage.

eCallControl packages are available without the cost and limitations of premises-based
equipment. With these packages, dealerships can reduce their total cost of communications
and improve dealer performance across all departments.

Build on eCallControl’s solid foundation of features

Managing incoming call traffic is critical for dealerships. Rapid and accurate call
processing is the first step towards building a new sales or service relationship.
eCallControl tools effectively support attendants with web-based line-status monitoring
and automatic overflow to an IVR. Dealerships can also manage incoming call traffic
through a web-based service-center application that provides automatic call distribution
across a pool of attendant resources.

Successful auto sales are built around providing quality service, building relationships,
and returning customers. Being responsive and juggling multiple customers requires
communications tools that are rich in functionality but also easy-to-use. eCallControl
provides unified messaging capabilities and mobility tools that are easily configured
through a web interface. These tools enable a sales person to control incoming calls
and messages, even during the month-end crunch.

Breakthrough in VoIP Technology

            • Automatically record all inbound and/or outbound calls to and from ANY phone
            • Make ANY phone your “office phone.” 
            • Call out from any number and show your main business number in the caller ID
            • Swap calls between among any phone numbers on the fly.
            • Work anywhere and never lose the convenience of
                being “in the office”
            • Bring advanced IP calling features to any computer
                or any phone
            • Remain in Conferences even when you are mobile
            • Make international calls (even from your cell phone) from your cell for
                pennies instead of dollars
            • Hosted Conference Calling
            • Music on Hold, Call Rotations, Call Screening, Call Block, and much more.

Digital, Paperless Faxing

Faxes come into your office via email in the form of a PDF file attachment. Notifications can
be configured to deliver faxes to multiple recipients' emails or each extension can be assigned
a personal and unique fax number. Each individual could have their own personal fax number.
Send outbound faxes with the eCallControl Fax print driver.Simply select 'file' and 'print' when
viewing the document and select the eCallControl Fax print driver. Faxes are delivered over
the internet, and confirmation emails are sent confirming successful / unsuccessful transmittance.
Eliminate the cost of fax toner and paper with paperless IP fax technology.

In Summary

eCallControl is a powerful tool for law firms with multiple locations and attorneys;
who move from site to site or are highly mobile. With our enterprise-grade quality
of service (QoS) and managed IP network services, you are assured the most
reliable communication solutions available anywhere today. eCallControl allows
you to simultaneously reduce cost while increasing productivity, and mobility.
Large multi location firms benefit from the centralization of cloud based telecommuni-
cations. With eCallControl, legal offices eliminate the overhead and distractions of
expensive on premises equipment and maintenance of antiquated, traditional telephone

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