Call Announce and Call Screening
Two distinctly different features

Call Announce

The call announce feature will notify you of an incoming call that is being routed through your virtual pbx system. Typically you are notified about the call when you answer your telephone. A typical call announce script goes something like this - "You have received a phone call from (extension's recorded name). To answer it press 1, to send the caller to voicemail press 2. To forward the caller to a different number press 3. To hear details about this call press 4. This is an excellent feature for people who are taking calls for multiple departments or even multiple businesses. With Call Announce they are reminded every time they answer the phone what the call is related to.

Call Screening

Call Announce is frequently confused with call screening. Call Screening is very similar to call announce and is often linked together. Call screening asks the caller to say their name after "the beep" and when the call is forwarded to you the pbx system will play that short recording back to you before you make the decision to answer the call. The Call Screening and Call Announce features available with our Small Business PBX greatly improve your customer service process.

  • Prioritize certain important business calls
  • Choose not to answer promotional calls by directing them to your voicemail
  • Block the numbers you don't want to call you
  • Transfer calls to other departments, if meant for them
  • Utilize your time spent in answering business calls
  • Identify business and personal calls

Since your office staff now knows who is calling them they can take the best call handling decision. Low priority call can be sent to voicemail while you focus on more important tasks, without your callers being aware of it. Since the number of the caller is displayed if it is a number you don't recognize you can choose not to answer the call. This saves from wasting time in answering calls of pushy sales persons and marketers.