Fax on Demand and Information Playback
Efficiently deliver information to your customers

Fax on Demand gives your callers 24 hour access to all printed information. You just upload your documents via the Control Panel and create a library of documents. Your callers will hear a brief intro when they dial a Fax-On-Demand extension. The documents will be listed and then they will be prompted to enter the phone number of the fax machine of where they want the information sent. eCallControl will then call that fax number and send the document that was requested.

When used properly this becomes a powerful marketing tool, all while saving you time, expense, and effort from having to fax information manually. For those people who travel a lot, this feature is makes it easy to send documents out over and over again to potential clients/customers. With just one call to CommuniQast system’s Fax-On-Demand extension, your fax is being delivered to your client, no matter what your proximity is to a fax machine