Call Recording
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer service has long been talked about within the walls of the enterprise, but how closely is the customer experience monitored? Call recording can play a vital role in capturing the interaction between the customer and the contact center, but is that experience being optimized for performance? This is an important question in a world where bad publicity and controversy can begin with one simple tweet or blog post.

Call centers often rely on performance analytics captured in call recording to assess the customer experience. Metrics captured can include call routing, call volume forecasting and workforce management planning. An optimal issue resolution can often include call recording to ensure the optimal outcome in any situation.

One key metric that can easily be improved with call recording is first-call resolution. The most inexpensive method for operating a call center is one that ensures all calls can be resolved the first time. Anytime a customer has to contact the call center a second or third time on the same problem is a waste of money. Call recording can be used to identify areas where the agent is not handling the situation correctly. Supervisors can use this information for training and coaching for improvement.

Use call recording to identify whether or not your agents have the native skills, expertise and style to solve problems faster and put customers at ease. Customers want to know expectations up front, and they want the issue resolution to flow as promised. Call recording can easily identify those agents with the skill to resolve the issues quickly and still maintain satisfaction, and those agents who may not be a right fit for the job.

For a number of industries, call recording is not just a luxury, but a requirement. Use it within your call center to improve your operations and build satisfaction among the customer base.

Call recording is setup in the Control Panel by clicking on "Call Recording". Calls can be recorded automatically or on demand.