Call Parking
Park a call to be retrieved from another phone.

Call Park is a feature that allows users on your eCallControl Hosted VoIP PBX to place callers in an on-hold position and allows other users to retrieve the call from their own phones. For example, you will often hear over a business intercom system an announcement like, (Sporting Goods, you have a call on line 301.) What has happened in this case is the store operator or an employee has answered a call and determined the caller needs to be directed elsewhere. If the friendly people in Sporting Goods are not immediately available to take the call, and you do not want to send the caller to voicemail, Call Park will allow you place the caller on hold at a certain parking space and announce over an intercom or through instant message as to how the desired party can retrieve the call. This frees up the operator to take more calls or do other important tasks.

How to Use Call Park If you are an existing eCallControl user, getting started using Call Park is easy. This feature has automatically been enabled for star-codes *76[space] and *77[space] on your phone system for parking and retrieving a call, respectively. For example, if you wanted to park a live call on parking space 301 like in the above example, you would simply dial *76301. For the intended party to retrieve this call, they would dial from their phone *77301 and immediately be connected live. The parking space number can be up to four digits long. Alternatively, if you are using Polycom VoIP phones, you can request a firmware upgrade that can add Park and Retrieve soft key functionality to these phones. To add these soft keys for easier use of the Call Park feature, contact Technical Support at 1-800-224-9851 or email