Voicemail to Email Keeps Your
Finger on the Pulse of Your Business
Receive voicemails to any number of email addresses...

Get an email every time someone leaves a voicemail. You have the option to include the sound file as an mp3 attachment or a link to the file in the body of the email; so you can hear it on the spot without calling into your voicemail box. Every employee with an extension can select any number of email addresses of their choice where they would like to receive their voicemails. Additionally, every extension has a password protected User Interface, which provides even more user control over all user settings like notifications and follow me settings.

Companies that want to add an even greater level of convenience and streamlined communications utilize our Voicemail Transcription service. With Voicemail Transcription, in addition to the MP3 attachment included with Voicemail to Email is a text transcription of the message itself in the body of the email.