E Call Control is backed by 25 years of experience in developing telecommunications and call recording technology. Our system has been the PBX solution solutions for thousands of users at Fortune 500 companies and major franchise systems.We currently service provide solutions for some of the largest franchise systems in the world. Now we're making those same solutions - and that same expertise - available to small businesses that want the features and functionality of a PBX system without the exasperation and the expense. We have our own system.  If you need something special, we know how to get it done. So if your business is ready to reach for the next level and begin communicating more powerfully, find out how E Call Control solutions can help get you take sales to the next level.

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Realtors Build on eCallControl’s solid foundation of features.

As an often-mobile real estate professional, being immediately accessible by your
buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and attorneys is crucial. eCallControl's powerful
Unified Cloud Communication solution allows realtors to add multiple phone numbers
in their extension's settings and select numbers to ring simultaneously or sequentially;
with the added benefit of professional music on hold. Additionally our Unified Cloud
Communication platform gives agents and staff the ability to make calls from any
location, at any time, on any device all while reflecting the caller ID number of the business.
Use mobile phones, fixed phones,or soft phones with only one number, one dial plan,
and one voice mailbox; plus a unified set of features across all devices.

eCallControl allows you to automatically record calls coming in the main business number
whether agents answer on office phones, cell phones, home office phones, etc. Take calls
while driving and know that you can listen to the call later to make notes of important details;
never lose a lead. Perhaps a couple years down the road the prospect calls you back or you
have a call campaign to prospects. Listening to the call will trigger the memories of the call and
help you to pick back up on that personal level.

eCallControl also allows you to seamlessly “swap” and transfer calls between devices
and extensions with the ability to automatically record calls and email the MP3 file to
any number of email addresses.  These settings can be configured for each agent's
extension or the main extension.

Realtor Listing Box with Fax on Demand

Our Realtor Listing Box will provide your potential homebuyers a way to find out about
your properties twenty-four hours a day.  Features include a local number
to hear your Listing Box greeting, the ability to press 0 to connect to your main business
directory, the ability to enter an address and hear up to a 10 minute recording about the listing.
This recording could also be used as "on hold" message while the call is being connected to the
agent's extension. Documents about the listing could be stored as fax on demand documents
and the caller be given the option to enter their fax number to receive them. Agents could also
dial into the systme to fax documents on the fly to buyers or seller all from their phone.
All information including all inbound callers in any date range, caller ID, time/date stamp, duration
of call, and properties accessed is maintained and can be accessed via eCallControl using our
web link interface.

Breakthrough in VoIP Technology

            • Automaticall Record all inbound and/or outbound calls to / from any phone
            • Make ANY phone your “office phone.” No IP Phone
            • Call out from any number and show your main business number in the caller ID
            • Swap calls between among any phone numbers on the fly
            • Utilize a Realtor Listing Box Info Line
            • Broadcast capabilities enable you to send voice messages or faxes to predefined           
               groups of inbound callers to your system or you can upload your own number list to           
               send as well
            • Work anywhere and never lose the convenience of
                being “in the office”
            • Bring advanced IP calling features to any computer
                or any phone
            • Remain in Conferences even when you are mobile
            • Make international calls via eCallControl from any phone for
                pennies instead of dollars.
            • Hosted Conference Calling
Unlimited, Digital, Paperless Faxing from Any Computer

Inbound faxes are delivered via email in the form of a PDF file attachment to any number
of email address. Sending outbound faxes with the eCallControl Fax print driver is simple.
Select file and print when viewing the document to be faxed, select the eCallControl Fax
print driver, and fill out the form. Faxes are delivered over the internet, and confirmaiton
emails are sent confirming successful or unsuccessful transmittions. Eliminate the cost of
fax toner and paper with paperless IP fax technology.

eCallControl Builds a Competitive
Edge for Real Estate Professionals

Effective Communications and prospect / client tracking are critical in real estate.
Availability and responsiveness areessential for agents, mortgage brokers, and
contract attorneys. With eCallControl real estate professionals and staff are given
the tools to accelerate deal closure and drive new revenue opportunities by enhacing
telecommunications documentation, tracking, and distributing listing information.
eCallControl works seamlessly between the office and field for more productive overall
agency operations.